Women empowerment in Bangladesh : in aspect of government jobs


106 women of the country are performing the functions of the Upazila Executive Officer (UNO). About 25 percent of the working UNOs. In addition, there are 10 women secretaries in the government’s administration. Six Deputy Commissioners (DC) and 16 Additional Deputy Commissioners (ADC) are leading the concerned districts.


According to the relevant branch of the Ministry of Public Administration, in addition to the administration cadre, the number of women officers and employees in government jobs is increasing gradually.

In 2009, there were 2,79,114 people in government jobs…..

In 2015, the number has increased to 3,78,354 that means, the number of women workers in the government service increased by five years, about one and a half lakhs !!

There are 5,759 people in the Administration Administration cadre. About 1,100 of them are women.

According to the ministry’s appointment and posting section, the involvement of women officers in grassroots levels of the administration is increasing day by day. It can be seen that most of the women’s officers used to remain in Dhaka post. Now women from various important posts like DC and UNO have been working in various departments, districts and upazila.


Upazila women officers increased

There are currently 491 people in the upazila. At present, there are 388 UNOs in total upazilas, of which 106 women are women.

In most of the upazilas of some districts women are serving UNO. Like 8 out of 13 upazilas of Kishoreganj and 8 out of 12 upazilas in Tangail, now women are named as UNO. Among the 13 upazilas of Mymensingh, there are five UNO women in 5 upazilas.

Rasheda K. Chowdhury, adviser to the former caretaker government, sees this progress of women as critical for the decisions taken by the grassroots administration. He said in the first light, Bangladesh’s development and achievement in Bangladesh is now visible to the world.

However, women’s participation in decision making is still low. According to him, the position of the DC and UNO is most important to take administrative decisions in the grassroots. Increasing women’s participation in these posts is very positive.

A UNO upazila administration administers and coordinates the responsibility. They are the central government representatives. As a result, there is a lot of work pressure on them. On the condition of non-disclosure of names, many women said in the first light, UNO said they are performing duties with utmost sincerity. There is no difficulty in reading.

DC 6, ACD 16

According to the Ministry of Public Administration, among the 64 districts of the country, women are now deputy commissioners in 6 districts. These districts are Sirajganj, Faridpur, Laxmipur, Munshiganj, Pabna and Natore.

Besides, Sylhet divisional commissioner is now women in eight divisions. Her name was Mashamat Najmannara Khanum.

Sirajganj district commissioner Kamrun Nahar Siddiqa said in light of the first light, the DC’s workload is very heavy. She can handle that well. There is no separate pressure or problem as a woman.

By October 31, there were 206 Additional Deputy Commissioners (ADCs) all over the country. Out of these 16 women. Women’s organization organization BCS Women Network is organizing work for women officers.iStock_26441290_MEDIUM-630x390

10 Secretary women

According to the Ministry of Public Administration, until November 2, there are 10 women among the 78 posts of Secretary and equivalent. Thus, about 13 percent of the total secretary women This is the number of women secretaries in recent times. These officials are -senior secretaries of Prime Minister’s Office Suraiya Begum, Women and Children Affairs Secretary Natima Begum, Director General of Planning and Development Academy Kaniz Fatema, Secretary of Rural Development and Cooperatives Department Mafruha Sultana, Secretary of Public Service Commission Akhteri Momtaz, Managing Director of Bangladesh High-Tech Park Authority Hossain Ara Begum , Planning Commission member Joanna Aziz, Labor and Employment Thanasaciba Afroza Khan, a member of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas karmasansthanasaciba Shamima Nargis Namita Halder and Planning Commission.


The senior secretary of the Public Administration Ministry, Mozammel Haque Khan said in the first light that the present government is taking various steps from the budget to increase the strategy, to bring the women forward. Now women are coming forward for jobs. Increasing women in different levels of administration has increased the pace of administration now. It may be seen that at one stage women and men will also be equal in the field of employment.


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Women empowerment : Saudi women can go to the stadium, but …


Saudi women will be able to go to the stadium to watch the game from next year. But they have to sit in different places.

However, conditions for this have been added. The condition is that Saudi women will have to sit in a separate place called ‘Family Department’. This arrangement has been made to keep women separate from male visitors to the stadium.

According to Independence, the decision will be implemented from Saudi women starting from the stadium until next year, the country’s sports authority said. ‘Family Department’ is for women only. There will be no access to men with a female audience. Now, in some restaurants, such as men and women stand in different lines and enter in different ways, the stadium will also be provided in such a way.


Saudi women get the opportunity to watch the stadium in the capital Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam.

These changes are being made as part of the ongoing reform program of Prince Mohammad bin Salman to make Saudi Arabia a liberal country.

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Walk, walk as much as you can!


Thinking of weight loss? But tired of thousands of exercises?

Actually, you can lose weight by exercises but you can’t lose weight quickly. Then why are you favoring? Start walking.


Hey, its hard at first but I did started though.

There are several things to keep in mind while walking…. What are those things?

  • 15,000 steps a month  Are you afraid to hear? 15,000 steps a day! But believe me This way your weight will decrease drastically if you walk every day. So why not try it once!
  • Walk for thirty minutes per day According to the doctors, we should also walk three times as well. Every 15 to 20 minutes after eating. It is very good for the body to follow this rule. It does not have the chance of increasing the amount of blood sugar. In fact, you can walk from 45 minutes to 1 hour a day. So start fast walking  at a medium fast pace to reduce weight. See if the benefits are met.
  • Use the stairs When we break down the stairs, notice that we are very tired and our heart rate increases a lot. In fact, when we got upstairs, we got more pressure on our muscles. So this is what happens. Due to increased body volume, weight loss is widened.
  • Drink green tea by the rules before walking As our emission levels increase, our weight will be accurate and excessive weight will drop. Green tea does exactly this thing. Because of this, green tea has plenty of caffeine, which helps in melting excess fat. So green tea must be eaten every time before walking. 170728100933_1_900x600
  • Change the speed of the walk Nobody likes to do same work everyday. Likewise, me too would not like to walk the same way every day. So change the walk speed. As the boredom hits, the caloric intake will increase by 20 percent more. But do this change occasionally. Not every day.
  • Take a walk with weight loss exercise Walking for weight loss is certainly a good way. However, if you get better results, you should also practice exercise with weight loss exercise. This will increase the heart rate and calories will fall rapidly.
  • Avoid sweet drinks It’s okay to lose weight. As well as drinking some cold drinks? Oh no! It will not be of any benefit.  Because of this, the body will enter the calories at a high rate. As a result, weight gain will increase. So, my dear friend, to keep the body healthy and to keep weight under control, avoid the first sweet drink.
  • Walk whenever you can There is no option to walk. So, say goodbye to the car and elevator sometimes and walk a bit. If you follow this procedure, you will lose weight drastically. And use a pedometer to keep a progrssing record  while walking; personally I use my phone’s Samsung Health App .
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Rainy Day Special ~ Bhuna Khichuri


Cuisine: rainBengali | Recipe Type: Rice

Prep Time~ 10 min

Cook Time~20 min

Total Time ~30 min

Bhuna Khichuri


  • 4 cups of rice,
  • 2 cups of fried mung bean,
  • 1 tbsp of ginger paste,
  • 2 tablespoons of onion paste,
  • 1 tablespoons of garlic paste
  • 2 tablespoons of green chillies,
  • 4 pieces of cinnamon,
  • 4 pieces of cloves,
  • cloves 4 tablespoons
  • salt for taste,
  • 2 tablespoons of fried onion (birasta)
  • half a teaspoon of sugar,
  • half a teaspoon of turmeric,
  • oil half cup, ghee quarter cup,
  • 8 cups of hot water.Header-Khichuri-1

Procedure: Wash rice, pulse and soak the mixture for a few minutes. Heat oil in a pan, add ghee, ginger and onion , warm spices, bay leaves, rice-pulses, salt (for taste) and cook for 7-8 minutes, lightly stirring them with a little water and cover them with hot water. You must cook with medium-fire.

When the water of khichuri decreases, add sugar, chilli and some birasta (fried onion) & cook it for 20-25 minutes. Voila! the Khichuri is ready to serve!

Bhuna khichuri can be served with meat, kebab, fried potatoes or brinjal.

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Happy Rainy day!!

Banana, your Keeper for a healthier heart !


Delicious fruit bananas are rich in vitamins or minerals. Experts say that the important part of human body can play an important role in keeping the heart healthy.images

The initial opinion of experts, who regularly eat bananas, reduces their risk of heart attack and stroke. A group of British Heart Foundation researchers said that potassium is a very important mineral component for cardiology. Besides, this potassium has a role to control blood pressure.

Researchers also said that potassium-rich foods help control blood pressure. Those who regularly eat plenty of potassium-rich foods are at risk of heart disease, 27 percent less than others. There are enough quantities of these mineral components in the collar.

According to experts, an adult man needs 3 thousand 500 milligrams of 4 thousand 700 milligrams of potassium per day. There is less than 450 mg of potassium in a solution. That is, a banana can meet the needs of daily potassium.

Apart from bananas, there is potato, sprouted gourd, fish and poultry products. As well as eating these foods on the regular diet list, the chances of a heart attack are very low.


It also helps in digestion of potassium as well as bananas. Along with this, fiber-rich bananas can play an important role in reducing weight.

I’m going to have a banana now, are you??

Keep reading & stay healthy ….😇😏

The world’s most beautiful 7 countries


World Travel Magazine Rough Guide arranged for voting to choose the most beautiful country in the world. Depending on which country most travelers prefer to travel, they have published the list of the most beautiful countries in the world. In addition to the tourism system, this list has been published keeping in mind the natural beauty, civilization, weather, historical importance and so on….

Let’s find out about the world’s most beautiful 7 countries-

1. Scotland
Scotland is the world’s most preferred and beautiful country for tourism. Scotland is considered as the most beautiful country because of its natural beauty, tourism, and the best weather conditions.scotland

     2. Canada

Ice, mountains, green – all in Canada. It is in second place.Canada-MoraineLake

  1. New Zealand

Surrounded by green mountains, New Zealand is the third most beautiful country in the world.nz

  1. Italy
    The country of romantic beauty is called Italy Many tourists visit Italy every year.
  2. itlySouth Africa

Sea, mountainous country South Africa is at number five.sa

  1. Indonesia

Indonesia has voted as the best country for a lot of touring trips. It has six numbers on the list.indo

Thousands of tourists rush in England every year to see the beautiful nature that surrounds the hill and lake.england

Would you like to visit these beautiful places like me??

See you there…!!

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15 tips to keep you safe and happy when you’re traveling to India


India is a vivacious mix of traditions, culture and spirituality and is a destination that offers remarkable diversity to travellers. Unluckily, as India is a developing nation, poor sanitation means that many travellers tend to fall sick, using your common sense and following tips will help you stay healthy while travelling in India and help you get the most out of your trip.

Here’s my top tips to help you plan the perfect vacation…

  1. Set yourself a budget and stick to it

When you’re traveling alone or in a party of 15 make sure you always have enough money to do what you need to do and plan accordingly. Simply put: if you can’t afford a 5 star hotel, don’t book one. If you’re scared of overspending, it’s important to stick to the budget from the off. Sign up to various Travel website alerts to find a cheap flight at a price you can afford, or use the Google search to see everywhere you can go within your budget.

  1. Don’t haste & keep your cool

It’s often helpful to give yourself a full day to acclimatize to each new place you travel to. It’s better to start a holiday feeling relaxed and comfortable. Flora & Fauna

  1. Do some homework & Keep it simple

If you’re new to traveling alone, keep your itinerary simple or if you do want to visit more than one place, book your flights in advance so you know exactly where you’re going to be and when.

  1. Consider a different sort of place

While hotels are great for lots of people and vacations, you should consider a hostel or guest house. For the latter, you might find the home comforts and friendly face very welcoming when you come “home” after a day exploring; we stayed at the ICM Guest House in Bangalore and I could cook food and make tea for us in the room as it have a small kitchen with it!

  1. Tell the front desk where you’re going

It’s better to be safe than sorry when traveling alone. Before you go out at night, leave a note at the front desk saying where you’re going and what time you expect to be back. You could also add who you’re meeting if you think it’s necessary.

  1. Keep your most important items secure

Whether you’re basing yourself in one hotel room or traveling from place to place, keep your important items such as your passport, credit cards, laptop, phone etc in a safe place and always check they’re where they should be. If there’s a safe in your room, consider using it.

  1. Download Google Translate

Being able to speak a couple of phrases such as “how do I get to…?” can be very handy when you’re traveling alone. If you have a phone and data plan, download Google Translate. If you don’t have a reasonable data plan then take a notebook with some simple phrases in it.

  1. Pack medication

Be prepared for getting and sick and pack a good medical kit to bring with you. It is a good idea to bring some antibiotics with you, malaria medication if you need it and over-the-counter products. You will be very glad you packed these if you find that you need them!

9.      Clean your hands frequently

It’s important to either wash your hands regularly or use disinfectant wipes or gel to kill germs you may have picked up from touching surfaces over the day. Clean your hands regularly to avoid this as much as possible and always remember to sanitize your hands before you eat.

10.  Take Saline sachets with you

Taking Saline sachets regularly is one of the best ways to prevent from dehydration for travel to India since it’s too hot out there and only drink bottled or purified water. If you purchase bottled water from a store, always make sure that the seal hasn’t been broken before you drink from it as people have been known re-use empty bottles filled with unclean tap water.

11.  Eat at busy restaurants

If a restaurant is busy, it’s for a good reason. Follow the crowds and eat at busy places. These restaurants have a better reputation and are more likely to be serving higher quality food.

12.  Be careful with street food

Street food is one of the delights of travelling. Even though street food is often a lot cheaper than food in restaurants and hotels, be careful with it in India. Use your common sense to whether you think the vendor’s food looks safe. Does the oil look clean? Are the pots and pans dirty? Are there a lot of flies buzzing around? This should give you a pretty clear indication as to whether the food will be safe or not.

13.  No-No to fresh juices

You can’t be sure that the fruit in fresh juices and smoothies has been washed in purified water, or whether the ice is safe. It’s best to avoid these drinks altogether in India.

14.  Stick with your own food

Even though strangers may appear friendly if they offer you food, politely decline. Firstly, the food may be unsafe to eat. Secondly, there have been unfortunate stories of strangers offering tourists poisoned food that causes them to fall asleep, making them easy targets for theft. Stick with your own food just to be sure.

15.  Be in safe side, go vegetarian

The vegetarian food is absolutely wonderful in India. Due to frequent power cuts and the effects on refrigeration that this has, meat is much more likely to be contaminated than vegetarian food. Staying clear of it may reduce your chances of falling ill.

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Happy journey!!   IMG_20170822_165905757